About Us

Fine jewelry designer based in New York City.

Self-taught and challenging her self every day, Erica Molinari melds beloved motifs from the past with a modern and soulful sensibility, creating pieces that embody an old world charm with a contemporary presence and character. In business since 2005, she has met and mastered the bench as well as the demands of an independent designer. Perhaps it was her first career as a National and Olympic US Luge Team member. She competed in the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada in 1988 and in Albertville, France in 1992. It took stamina, the ability to adapt which she has applied to her career in jewelry design. She has found her distinctive point of view in her inventive mix of influences from different periods: Medieval, Renaissance and Victorian.

Her silver and 18K gold charms are exceptional examples of how to create novel takes on a historical theme. They are double-sided with motifs and sayings in Latin or Italian-and all evoke sentiments and mottos that are utterly relatable and hit a responsive chord with symbolic and meaningful messages. She has hit her stride in her most recent collections in which she learned the art of engraving and vitreous glass (hard/hot) enameling. She has rejuvenated these enchanting old-world techniques with a fresh, artistic eye, creating all of her motifs with her own hands. Her new enamel collection evolve her affinity for jewelry that signifies devotion, friendship, empowerment, romantic love, faith, and loyalty that are relevant today and will endure for future jewelry collectors.

All of Erica's original designs from inception to completion are made in her New York studio.